Free Yourself First

It’s up to you. You can’t change the world. There is nothing to change. The world is not some fixed object. It’s not some dead thing. It’s alive. It’s full of action and mystery. It’s always changing. It’s an idea. An idea you continue to create.

Don’t change the world. Change yourself. It’s what you really want to do. You want to make a difference. You want to find meaning. You won’t find it out there. You won’t find it through the problems of the world. You will only find it through passion. Through love. Haters run away. Lovers fight.

It is not a fearful mind that helps those in need. It is not a negative thinker that will right the wrongs of the world. Not a complainer that takes action. Only the cultivation of love for yourself will make you powerful enough to be any where and with any one. Only love for yourself will give you enough to share with others.

Don’t dare look outside of yourself for the answers. You can’t. It’s impossible. They will lead you in circles. You are the only one you can believe. Only your feeling will lead you to truth. The world does not exist out there. It exists in your mind. Free yourself and you will free the world.

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