Express Yourself!

Expression is the key to self love. You need to express yourself. You need to create everyday. You need to develop competencies that you can be proud of. Competencies that give you self worth and fulfillment. You need to express through the mediums that you are most aligned with. Don’t pretend that you don’t know what those mediums are. You are thinking about them right now. You may be afraid that you may as well not do them. But I assure you that you should. That you must.

Don’t limit yourself to an idea that you need to be competent in a certain way. That you need to express like so and so does. That so and so is different from you therefore they can do it and you can’t. Who are you? You are no one. That means you can be anyone. Everyone else is the same way. Everyone is no one. Just because someone is a “musical artist” does not mean that they aren’t a human being. It doesn’t mean that they have some magical gift that possesses them at all moments of the day. No, they simply chose a craft and did it consistently. Not to prove anything to anyone, but because humans need to express to feel good. It’s not about results, it’s about creating. It’s about expression for the pure sake of it. And expression for the sake of it is the only kind there is.

Get out of your own way. The barriers you put up as to why you aren’t creating aren’t real. You could literally right now pick up your pen and start writing a short story. You could put down your phone and go outside to listen to the birds. You could pick up your instrument and play music. Don’t do these things with any expectations as to why you should or should not. Whether you’re the type of person that can or cannot. Focus on doing the thing you want only. Just be there in the moment and forget all your thoughts about it. Play around and see what happens. Feel the love that courses through your veins. Feel the timelessness of creating. Feel the self love you get from knowing that you did something beautiful for yourself. Then, promise yourself you’ll do it again tomorrow.

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