You Are the Technique

We use devices to remind ourselves of god. We use meditation techniques to help us remember who we are.

Yet we are not the result of our techniques, we are the techniques themselves. We are the searching for peace. We are not peace itself for peace itself is meaningless. It is a dead thing who’s meaning is fixed and therefore unreal. What we are is the ever present knowing and searching. We are the movement of life.

Don’t use a technique or a device expecting to find god. Use a technique or device simply so that you may live as yourself. You are not living for results. You are living simply to act and learn. You learn when you move and search. You never find. You have already found. You already are yourself. The searching is just for fun. It is so that we may live and experience ourselves.

Don’t take technique too seriously. Don’t take reminders too seriously. Don’t be too serious in your meditation. Remember that you already have and you already are. No more work is necessary really. It is only needed that you continue.

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