How Can Any Of This Be Wrong?

What can be wrong? Are you wrong? Who are you anyway?

Can you be wrong if you’re a good person? What if you’re a bad person? Are you always wrong? Can you be a good person who does a bad thing?

I don’t think so. I don’t think you can be wrong. No one knows what’s right. Others may tell you you are wrong, but they don’t know what’s right. You don’t even know what’s right. What’s right is beside the point.

The point is that what you do cannot be wrong. You may want to correct your future, but what you did is never wrong. It can’t be because if you did not do it, you would have no present moment right now to act on. The present moment is always right. Just because the past did not feel good does not mean it was not right. Feeling has nothing to do with right and wrong.

And the world is always right. There is nothing wrong with you. The way you think about what happens is your error. You will feel error, but what you really are is never ending rightness.

It is not wrong simply because it is the past. The past is gone and you cannot change it, therefore it is right. You cannot worry about what you cannot control, therefore what you cannot control is right. You have no choice. Things can only be wrong when you are thinking they are so. You have the same power to think they are right. How can it be any other way? How can you look back and say it was wrong when you are here now? If at any time you can look back on what was said and done and you can forgive yourself and others and see it as right, it must have always been right. You can look back and say that you will now do things differently, because you have learned and want to correct, but you were never wrong. To be wrong is to be in hell. Hell exists for no one.

This being right and wrong has nothing to do with reward and punishment but everything to do with the understanding that you may give up your original sin. You are not inherently bad. You are pure good. You are pure love. You don’t need to worry about attaining mastery morals. You don’t have to worry about being a good person. You are as god created you. This all you know. This must be right.

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