The Real

It’s always been there. It’s never left me. My ability. My abilities. They were born into me. They were cultivated. Like the seed of a tree, my DNA has given me direction. A specific direction that is my own. It has been given to me from myself. Passed down since forever.

I am here now and that is all I know. I cannot know the past. I cannot know the future. All I know is that I am right now. I am I am I am.

Where did all of this come from? How did so much get here for my life right now? Why this play? Why this deck of cards? Why this hand?

All I know is that I accept. I accept radically. I must. It is my only choice. There is no other. The other is misery. It is self induced fear. It is pointless. I cannot put myself into fear. Even if I did, it would not be real. Because love exists. When love exists, nothing else does.

There is no going back from love. It only multiplies. Never subtracts, except when the taking away adds. When it adds space and room to grow.

My life is acceptance. My life is attention. My life is listening. My life is presence. Nothing happens without me being here. Nothing is taken completely unless I am fully present. All that matters is that I learn. I must listen and learn always. That is my life. It is not to feel better or worse. It to love and learn how to love more.

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