I am becoming silent.

As silent as the stream. As silent as the tree.

I make noise because it is my nature. I breathe because it is my nature. I do not know why I do what I do.

I know that I love. That is all.

I am here to love. That is why.

Do you know what love looks like? Can you feel it in these words right now? Can you see that I am in love when I talk to you?

Can you see that life is love? You have a function. It is to listen. It is to create safe space. It is only to bring light.

There is nothing for you to fight. But you are a hero. Your bravery brings peace of mind to all you encounter.

You dispel fear with your presence. You create life because of who you are. No one is afraid when they are with you. You are not afraid when you are with you.

Can you see that you are what life is? Have you realized that what you are is happening all around you always? That you are not your body, but you are every body?

You are not you. You are them. They are not reflected in you. They are you. Who you are is what you make of them. The way you feel is how they feel. Your thoughts are not private. They are raw and in the open. You have nowhere to hide. There is no such thing as hiding. Everything you do is known. Everything you are is love.

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