Protect Your Peace

When you are thinking negatively, you can say, “I will not let this grievance disturb my peace today.” And then it will be true. You will remember that reality is not conflict, but peace. You will remember that your path is god’s path. Your path is peace. You remember that peace is the only path that there is. You see the path ahead and know it continues. You cannot see very far down it but you know it must all be for good because it continues forever and because heaven is real. Heaven is really here therefore the path must be for the best and it must go on forever. If the path is eternal then the destination is right here and now.

You protect your peace by knowing that you are unshakeable inner peace. You are that which is peaceful. Protection is knowing that there is nothing to fear. Death cannot take life away from you. You do not hide from the world. You embrace it. You embrace it with action and wonder because to be peaceful is to know thyself. To know thyself is to greet and embrace life at every turn. You can protect your peace by meeting yourself everywhere.

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