You’re Home

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that you bring with you everywhere. You bring it with you because it’s more than just a feeling, it’s who you are and are supposed to be. You can move freely through any space. You can touch and pick up the objects around you. […]

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Love Feeling Heated

Can you do that? Can you be emotionally far out and angry and hurt and still be in peace? What if you determined beforehand that it was ok to? That when a time comes that you are passionate and arguing and being loud that you would laugh about it? That before your spark of energy […]

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Listening Is Enough

Life is always a two way street. Love goes both in and out. Listening is not just an action, it is a quality of being. Listening is not just a favor to someone. It is to get the most out of life. It is to experience the fullest extent of communication. Listening is the easiest […]

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Lovers Mostly Listen

It’s not just the flapping of lips I’m talking about. It’s the quality of the way you treat the world. Talk is cheap. Talk is fake. It’s not the words that express truth. It’s the quality that is put behind them. Words don’t mean so much. The way you say them means everything. Knowledge is […]

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Free Yourself First

It’s up to you. You can’t change the world. There is nothing to change. The world is not some fixed object. It’s not some dead thing. It’s alive. It’s full of action and mystery. It’s always changing. It’s an idea. An idea you continue to create. Don’t change the world. Change yourself. It’s what you […]

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Express Yourself!

Expression is the key to self love. You need to express yourself. You need to create everyday. You need to develop competencies that you can be proud of. Competencies that give you self worth and fulfillment. You need to express through the mediums that you are most aligned with. Don’t pretend that you don’t know […]

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You Are the Technique

We use devices to remind ourselves of god. We use meditation techniques to help us remember who we are. Yet we are not the result of our techniques, we are the techniques themselves. We are the searching for peace. We are not peace itself for peace itself is meaningless. It is a dead thing who’s […]

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