Nature is not so hard to find. You don’t have to go far. Your park is enough. Your walk down the road is enough. Being in nature is mostly about appreciating it. It’s about acknowledging the incredible diversity of the plants and the animals and loving them. It’s about feeling like you are a part […]

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You’ve got the power. With great power comes great responsibility. You will get what you want. Just make sure you really want it. And know that you always will. And it is always the right thing for you. What you attract is what you want. Make it so. Make it so that everything that comes […]

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Destroys value. When we have a surplus of something, it is not as valuable as when there was little of it. This happens for most everything. It does not happen for love. Love is the one source of supply. There can never be enough of it. It can never be too accepted. It can never […]

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Most things stay the same, yet when they are copied, mistakes are made. Changes are made. It is not copied quite exactly as it was before. It could not be, because something in the future is being created under different circumstances. Energy is constantly transferring so that is way things can move, and they can […]

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Transferring Energy

It’s best to put your full energy into things. It seems that when we do, we have the best results. Full energy does not mean too much energy. It means full attention; To be present; Not worrying about being somewhere else in your mind. When our full energy is on living, positive energy is always […]

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Thank You

Thank you for choosing something real. You could have chosen something else. Something ugly. Something that at the time seemed like the right thing to do. Even though you told yourself it wasn’t. Even though you knew it wasn’t what you wanted. Somehow in that moment, that ugliness was real. It was what you intended. […]

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Be Undecided

Don’t be afraid to consider both sides. Don’t be afraid to see where someone else is coming from. Don’t be afraid to think differently than what your friends, family, and city, does. You owe it to the world to think rationally. That does not include shunning the other side. That does not include ignoring them. […]

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We are all fighters. All lovers. The extremes of life are good. They’re great. The arguing. The sadness. The disappointment. Fear. Tears. What is life without them? You may wish for boredom. But boredom is a fate worse than death. Boredom makes you want to self destruct. It leaves you sick and dying. Fighting gives […]

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They’re a single frame. A single frame of time. A single frame of time that can tell endless stories. It’s a single frame in the window of a single camera. Yours is all you know. Do others matter? No. They don’t. They don’t exist. Only your camera does. Stop worrying about others’ cameras. Stop thinking […]

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