You’re Perfect And Learning

You are here to observe and learn and act. Life is full of mistakes. We seemingly do the wrong things all the time. Why though are we imperfect? If we are imperfect and make mistakes, are we then supposed to be making mistakes?

Yes we are! It is our nature to make mistakes. It is natural for things to not go according to plan.

That is all a mistake is. It’s something not going to according to plan. When things don’t go how you would want them to, you feel bad that it didn’t. You feel guilt that you could not make your vision a reality.

You must let go of that guilt and continue to read your situation and surroundings. You must adjust instantly. You don’t need time. You need to recognize that every moment is here for us. There is no need for guilt, you have not been deceived, you are not being punished.

Nothing is happening to you. You are doing the happening. You are creating with your mind your circumstances. You are determining what things mean. You are one mind. What you think, is. There is no life but yours. There is no shame but what you make it. You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself. If you aren’t, no one else is either. You are love, so the world is too.

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