We’ve Been Around For A Long Time

Almost everything that we do is taken care of. Our bodies are billions, even trillions of moving parts that work together almost perfectly at all times to keep you alive. Our ancestors came from the ocean. At one point, all we were was a single vertebrae that wiggled through water. Over time we developed more systems and parts. As they developed, we learned to run them thoughtlessly.

You don’t have to worry about breathing. You don’t have to worry about seeing, You don’t have to worry about digesting food. Time has made all of these things easy for us. We developed eyes in the water. We used them to see prey from afar. As we exited the ocean, we developed lungs to breathe air. We learned to eat food from the soil.

All of these bodily systems occur simultaneously as constantly without us thinking about them. They simply work with no effort from us. Not only that, but our DNA tells our body how to grow where and when. We have learned and developed so much over time.

So don’t worry so much about the way life is supposed to go. Everything has been done for us. We were born into perfect bodies that think and act perfectly. Who’s to say mistakes aren’t perfect? Who’s to say death is not? Could we have a perfect life without trial, error, and death? No. So all acts of life are perfect. We are always learning and adapting.

With so much that is already done for us to get us where we are, how can you not have faith in life? How can you not see that life always wins? That since we are here, we have made it. We have made it for billions of years. And you are concerned about your small time frame? You shouldn’t be. Life knows where it’s going and you are the one who takes it there. It asks nothing from you and you would do it anyways. You would learn and advance life on your own. Only your DNA tells you to do so. It is only in your basic genetic code to live and survive.

Make the simple decision every day to move life along as it always has been. You don’t have a choice, but you will feel much better if you let go of short term future worries and focus on your tasks at hand instead.

It will help to realize that you cannot see the future, but positivity will give it the shape you want. We’ve survived for so long. It only makes sense that happiness and progress is the key to our survival. Trust life more. Trust that your instincts know what they’re doing. They do.

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