In the Mountains

Up above the tree line, where trees can’t grow, you can’t either. You can only visit. The weather is too cold and the environment too barren. Mountain goats however seem to do alright.

Being in places that are wild gives you satisfaction. You are exposed and committed. You can only use what you brought or may find along the way. You are forced to overcome challenges with positivity because the journey is so hard.

In the mountains you get to often feel alone. You get that wonderful sense of belonging, like you are safe and familiar with every part of this world. That you don’t have to be ashamed about loving it so much, and praising its name.

You share this space with all of the living things around you. You’re not alone, you are a part. You are a participant of life. You are passing through. Taking and giving to the land. Being a positive presence in your environment.

The mountains are here with a gift. They give us their peak and their offering for us to climb. It’s a good offer to take.

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