I Am Entitled to Miracles

This must be so. We know miracles. They are ours. We are entitled to this good life. It is our life.

It cannot be that this life is a bad one. It cannot be that life is both good and bad. At any one time life can either be fear or love. Never both at the same time. We can choose either. Since time is infinite, there must only be love. We must only expect miracles.

Do not glamorize miracles. They come in every shape and form. They come in gladness and despair. The best things are always with you. They are always being done to you. Your life is a miracle.

You are worthy of life. You’re here, aren’t you? You are at least aware that there could possibly be heaven on earth? Then it is so. It must be this life. It must be right now. You have to make the decision in every moment. When you remember, choose heaven. Choose love. Remember that you don’t have to think negatively about life because the alternative is so much better and is just as real, yet more real because we all want love not fear.

You are this life so you are deserving of it. You are deserving of yourself are you not? Accept yourself with graciousness and gratitude. You are yours. You get you for all of time. This is your world to sculpt.

Use the help that is given to you. Expect the help to return again and again because it will. Especially in the times you need it most. All you must do is understand that you are basic and forever. Everything that life is must be accepted. You are entitled to all it’s miracles.

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