Transferring Ideas

Used to take a lot more work than it does now. We used to have to tell each other orally. We told each other stories about how things worked and how they could work. We had to listen and remember. Not very much could be told and could be said.

When we could write, we represented words as pictures. Each picture was a word. We needed many pictures to explain ideas.

Then each picture represented a sound, and communication exploded. We could now explain virtually anything with few words.

What goes beyond a language of sounds? What is our next jump in communication?

Every technological advance in communication tells the same story. What we are doing now is telling it more rapidly. We are telling the story through many different mediums. Many different people now have the opportunity to tell their story and tell it well. We look to the leaders of the information age.

Divine will guides us as always. We need not worry who our audience is, only that we consistently speak our truth. The truth is not for us. It is for those who do not believe. It is for you who do not believe. Those in heaven do not need signals for truth. They are truth. They are the light already. We are here to tell you of the truth simply because you will forget. And you only need truth if you will forget. If you will not forget, then you no longer need anything.

You do not need. You are. You have no questions. You have no concerns. You have energy. You have will. You follow it. You receive abundance. You feel limitless. Life goes and goes. Lesson are learned sooner. Experience is had earlier.

You learn that you cannot be too much. You can only be more.

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