Nature is not so hard to find. You don’t have to go far. Your park is enough. Your walk down the road is enough.

Being in nature is mostly about appreciating it. It’s about acknowledging the incredible diversity of the plants and the animals and loving them. It’s about feeling like you are a part of your surroundings. It’s about knowing that you share common ancestry with every single thing.

Nature shows you how different and connected we are all at once. It helps us to remember that we are only one species of the countless number that inhabit the world.

Nature makes us feel responsible for it and want to take care of it as if it were our own family. Nature brings us closer to what it means to cooperate to survive. In nature we begin to realize that we are equal. That the mass of the mountains, water in the rivers, the bees on flowers, is all equal. All has an equal chance to thrive or die. We are given no special treatment there.

Nature is what we are. We are nature. We have our own place in this jungle. It’s best that we get to know our neighbors better so that we may live in peace and understanding. So that we may cooperate and grow together.

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