You’ve got the power. With great power comes great responsibility. You will get what you want. Just make sure you really want it. And know that you always will. And it is always the right thing for you. What you attract is what you want. Make it so. Make it so that everything that comes to you is exactly what you want.

We are evolving in the way we exercise power. Before was more violent. Now is more peaceful. Both forms were meditative. Violence is. Peace is. But peace is now the way because we are a connected world. Connected worlds need to communicate. Whether we like it or not, we are connected fully. When we acknowledge this, we must make decisions best for the group. When we forget this, we must make decisions for the individual.

There is no doubt that things have changed. To how far, who knows. We only know that it feels very far. It seems like a leap. Like a new plateau in the most recent six months. Things continue to grow and expand. Life continues to further flourish. Confidence continues to rise, things seem to keep coming together.

They always were. They were always coming together. My whole life I’ve looked back and felt this way. I’ve always felt that what I was seeing what not what I was feeling. I knew that the smallness I felt wasn’t right, even though I questioned it, and was very afraid.

Life has never let me down. It never will. Something may happen in which I question everything. It has already happened. But maybe I will have to learn more of the hardest lessons of death. I do not hope so. I am a fan of life, and even though I fear that death exists, I am always on the team of life.

I want us all to live happily. Nothing more or less. I want us to be on the same team to work and overcome challenges together. I want us to be happy and sad together. I want us to do things that we can remember and live in harmony through our daily routines.

You have the power to make life close to what you desire. Whereas in the past you did not get much of what you desire, now you get most of what you desire. You are the same you, yet your power to attract is heightened.

Take time to decide what you want. Pause and listen to what your inner voice is telling you. It’s ok to slow down and take time. Do not worry, your answer will come when you need it and it will be what you expected. You bring forth what you expect.

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