Transferring Energy

It’s best to put your full energy into things. It seems that when we do, we have the best results.

Full energy does not mean too much energy. It means full attention; To be present; Not worrying about being somewhere else in your mind.

When our full energy is on living, positive energy is always a result. Inversely, when we are focused on dying, negativity is a result. By positive I mean bringing forth life with focus and energy. By dying I mean being in our mind; In thought and in visualization. Both are equal parts of life. The words positive and negative are used only to describe that they are opposite things. Ultimately both are encompassed by love. Emotions don’t always feel good, but the highs and lows both come from the same source, so they are good.

Things are either for or against you. Reality is that they are for you. You can choose this reality at anytime, therefore it is the only reality, since you wish for it and only it at all times.

Bringing forth your full energy means to understand that your function is to bring forth love and light. Everything that tempts you is good, because you have free will to choose. You choose love. That is your only function. It is to live, and through out it all, to choose love always.

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