Thank You

Thank you for choosing something real.

You could have chosen something else. Something ugly. Something that at the time seemed like the right thing to do. Even though you told yourself it wasn’t. Even though you knew it wasn’t what you wanted.

Somehow in that moment, that ugliness was real. It was what you intended.

But something stopped you. It wasn’t you. Your phone died. Your attention was distracted. By a miracle, you didn’t do that insane thing you intended to do.

In that moment of intervention you realized that it was for he best.

It is for this intervention, that I say thanks.

I say thank you so much for your help. Thank you so much for your action. Thank you so much for your wisdom, and health, and proof.

Thank you for those moments I feel the weakest. Thank you for those situations I don’t know what’s for the best. Thank you for those right people at the right time. Those breaths of air when I need them. Those fiery embers that need to be stoked.

Thanks for making me feel alone and with the world at the same time. Thank you for me and for us. Thank you for loneliness and togetherness. Fear and love. I love them both. I need them all. Thank you me. Thank you god.

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