Be Undecided

Don’t be afraid to consider both sides. Don’t be afraid to see where someone else is coming from. Don’t be afraid to think differently than what your friends, family, and city, does.

You owe it to the world to think rationally.

That does not include shunning the other side. That does not include ignoring them. That is just insane.

Are you so weak that you follow blindly? Are you so full of hate that you won’t let another speak? Your justice is not served. Your hate shines through your smoke screen. Your words and words and talk and talk, your names and names may feel good to your ego, but they are not progress, they are entertainment. They are games. You do not champion the issues, you feed your sick addiction.

You love to parrot what you hear. You love to bring up the facts and figures, who did what when. These ideas are not yours, you are not yourself.

Get rid of your side. Forget your weakness and be an individual. Forget your addiction to drama.

When you are in conversation, let the other person speak. Let them completely finish. Why wouldn’t you? Are you so scared and so addicted to the sound of your voice that you are forgetting why you are here? To listen? You are not here to fight. You are here to learn. The fighting will happen on its own. Your fight is a lost cause. It’s an illusion. It serves no purpose but to perpetuate the hate you so called speak against.

Don’t be afraid of the truth. The truth that people need to be listened to. That taking sides is for losers. That you have the ability to easily make friends with and love every person on this earth. Anyone who tells you otherwise needs to be listened to. They need your strength. They need your opinion without hate. Without you turning away from them because they think differently.

Different thinking has little more to do with where you were born. Little more to do with the environment you are surrounded by. And who could be blamed for that? You too are guilty for your beliefs.

Don’t take sides, take action.

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