We are all fighters. All lovers.

The extremes of life are good. They’re great.

The arguing. The sadness. The disappointment. Fear. Tears.

What is life without them? You may wish for boredom. But boredom is a fate worse than death. Boredom makes you want to self destruct. It leaves you sick and dying.

Fighting gives you life. It makes you full. It makes you full of energy. Totally alive. Totally ready. Completely in the moment.

Fighting is not so different than love. It is not so different than humor. They may as well be the same. One can be turned into another in an instant. And that’s how you know they are really both love.

Boredom we must be careful of. Inaction we must prevent. Apathy is the only true killer. We must never let our brothers and sisters be bored. Make them happy or make them angry, but always fill them up. Fill them with energy. Because with energy, there is a chance for anything. Energy gives birth to life and only life.

Don’t be mad when you fight. Be happy. Rejoice. For you are alive and the one you fight with is too. Know that in the next moment you can forget your fighting and embrace as brothers. Know that your fighting is really a sign that you are both passionate about life. And this is always a good thing.

Fight hard. Make love vigorously. Be there for each other in fury and fortitude. If you are neither loving nor fighting, then please pay attention to the reason why. Please rile that person up. Make them feel again. It is your highest prerogative.

But until then, speak your mind, get mad, yell loudly, wrestle, and punch, and kick if you have to. Know that all of your energy is love. And that love is all there is.

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