They’re a single frame.

A single frame of time. A single frame of time that can tell endless stories. It’s a single frame in the window of a single camera.

Yours is all you know. Do others matter? No. They don’t. They don’t exist. Only your camera does. Stop worrying about others’ cameras. Stop thinking about others’ thoughts. They’re not necessary. They’re torturing you. They’re suffocating you. They’re keeping you from what is real.

You have to love what you see. You have to love who you are. You have to love what you think. Good or bad. You have to pay attention to what is happening to you. You are missing so much worrying about others. There’s nothing to worry about. Your life will lead you to every situation you need to be in. You don’t have to worry about where you’ll go. Who you’ll see or meet. It is done. It is done for you.

All you need to worry about is being in love. If you are in love, you are on the the right path. What makes you feel full? What makes you feel satisfied? What makes you feel worthy? That is all you must do. Do nothing but that. Joke for you. Talk for you. Love for you. Be radically self loving. It is the same as being selfless you will see.

No one wants someone who cares about them too much. No one. No one wants someone to sacrifice themselves for them. Except for when that sacrifice for them is for them self.

You have been so worried for so long about everyone and everything but yourself. Stop it. Stop being so selfish. You think you are so pitiful that you can’t worry about yourself. You think you are so worthless that you can’t love yourself more than anyone else? That’s sick. It’s wrong. You will live in misery forever. Because life is for you. You will see. You will see how self love helps the entire universe. You will see how self attention gives the world consideration. You will see how your own reflection isn’t really you at all, it’s everything but you.

You will see that to love yourself, is to love creation. And that creation is for you and you alone. Because you’re alone.

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