You’re Perfect And Learning

You are here to observe and learn and act. Life is full of mistakes. We seemingly do the wrong things all the time. Why though are we imperfect? If we are imperfect and make mistakes, are we then supposed to be making mistakes? Yes we are! It is our nature to make mistakes. It is […]

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Happens, but what if it didn’t? Then you’d be awake your entire life. You are the breath. Your whole life revolves around it because it’s the one thing that can only die when the body dies. Can we generate breath? Can we bring a dead body to life? We still breathe when we sleep. From […]

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In the Mountains

Up above the tree line, where trees can’t grow, you can’t either. You can only visit. The weather is too cold and the environment too barren. Mountain goats however seem to do alright. Being in places that are wild gives you satisfaction. You are exposed and committed. You can only use what you brought or […]

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Being Tired

Its ok to be tired. It’s ok to not want to do things. You do a lot of things already. There are so many things to do and so many that you didn’t get to do. Some that you wish you could have done a little more of today. But it feels so good just […]

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Why Specialize?

Why specialize in what you love? Why only love some things and not other things? You don’t have to like everything, but you must love it. You must be able to understand it. You are able to understand everything. You are able to connect with everything. There is no thing on this earth that you […]

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I Am Entitled to Miracles

This must be so. We know miracles. They are ours. We are entitled to this good life. It is our life. It cannot be that this life is a bad one. It cannot be that life is both good and bad. At any one time life can either be fear or love. Never both at […]

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The Extraordinary

Are the things you knew the most, were true. The extraordinary things are life affirming. They tell you everything you want to hear. All of the things that make you feel real. They make you feel like you can fall back into consciousness. You can melt into the pool of life. Life’s lessons are extraordinary. […]

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The Ordinary

It is the ordinary that is extraordinary. All of the normal parts of life that seem to blur by are the most important times. In those times we have the most opportunity to look upon the world lovingly. It is in our every day routine that we must find joy. Ordinary things must make us […]

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Transferring Ideas

Used to take a lot more work than it does now. We used to have to tell each other orally. We told each other stories about how things worked and how they could work. We had to listen and remember. Not very much could be told and could be said. When we could write, we […]

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