Self Talk

Is very important. You must always bring yourself up. That is the only reality. You are divine. You are deserving. You are here in the right place, at the right time. You must be positive because you know that the alternative is insane. Life cannot be one way or the other. It is only one […]

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How to Listen

Listen, not to your mind, but to your environment. Take in what it is telling you. Listen with your ears. Use your ears to listen to the birds, to the wind, to the sounds of voices. Try to hear what they are saying. Pay attention to them. You do this casually as you move throughout […]

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Father’s Day

I am a son of God. This is my mind. It is the only one there will ever be. I’ll never need to worry what anyone else thinks again. They think what I think. There is no difference. Even if there was, there would be no way for me to know. Since I can never […]

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Be Music

How do you play music? How do you choose the right note? How do you know what sounds good together? How do you play life? How do you know which practice to take up? How do you decide what you like to do? So much of life has already been taken care of. In fact, […]

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With every inhale you live. With every exhale you die. So life is not so complicated and lost then. We live and die many many times every day. Some deaths are small, some life’s are big. But in the end they are all the same. Where can death be if we die in each breath? […]

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The Radio is Talking

Everything is talking all the time. It’s all relevant to you, but you can only focus on so much. And that is fine because there is much to focus on. When you do you are tuning with that thing or that frequency. Sometimes the connection is so clear that miracles appear again and again right […]

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Change has come. Change is here. This point is a turning point. This time is going to be seen as one in which things changed a lot. There will be people who enacted change all over the world. There will be people making changes big and small. There will be stories over and over again […]

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The Light in Which You See

Everything in which you see, that you hear, taste, and smell, and feel, is real. And it is the only thing that is real. This means the scenarios about people and things that you make up in your mind are not real. This does not mean that they are not useful, or bad. It just […]

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Those Who Are Serious

It’s very easy to do nothing. It’s tremendously difficult to something. It’s even harder to do something consistently. It’s so hard because consistency is not what our life is like. Our moods change all the time. It’s easy to do something hard when we are feeling good. It’s much more difficult when we are not. […]

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God is my strength, vision is his gift. With my eyes open, I can see the world as it is. When I look on someone or something with love, then I am using vision correctly. When I look at someone or something with devotion, then I am using vision correctly. When I close my eyes […]

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