The word means the production of something.

In societal terms it is all of the people born around the same time.

The people of a time generate the next group of people.

New generations are variations of the old. They are different, but only slightly.

200,000 years ago we were basically the same. The only thing missing was our technology. We had no heat or a/c, but our minds were very same.

Then, just as now, we lived with others, we loved others, and fought with others.

We lived to survive. We lived to bring about children.

We did not have language like we do now.

Imagine if all of those words that plague your mind were gone. Would your problems be solved? Would you have peace?

No. Words are not your enemy. Your mind is not your enemy. Your understanding of who you are, is.

You think there are parts of you that are bad and that is the problem. You think fear is bad. You think anxiety is bad. You think death is bad. That is all just a misunderstanding.

You are good. Through and through. You have chemicals in your body that are released at strategic times to make you feel the way you do. Dopamine makes you feel good when you work towards something to sustain yourself. Like finding food, or getting somewhere you need to go. Cortisol is released to make you feel anxious and uncomfortable in the presence of danger.

You need everything you have. Everything has been given to you. Not forced on you. Given to you. It is all a blessing. Understand that you are the vehicle for life. You are meant to explore life in heaven. Heaven is all there is. Anything less or different is a misunderstanding. You are supposed to experience this world fully. The highs and lows. The dopamine and the cortisol.

Heaven doesn’t mean you feel good all the time. Heaven is an understanding that you are perfect. That everything you once thought was wrong with you is actually right. It is overcoming challenges, which is to experience the full spectrum of life.

Who we are is nothing new. There’s no need to glamorize ourselves. Heaven isn’t special. It’s who you are. It’s the foundation of life. It is our plaything. It is our master, teacher, lover, and destroyer.

Feel good about who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. Look through the generations and see what you find. Notice the patterns. Learn from the stories. Realize that you can do this, that you too can thrive, that doing so is no big deal, that you are meant to and inevitably will. You don’t have a choice. You are god.

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