Time Off

It’s important to take time off.

It’s so fun to do the same thing over and over again. It might be what we love to do the most. We love climbing a tree route again and again. We love doing a skateboard trick again and again. We love playing some song over and over. It feels so good to do it more and more beautifully.

It’s hard to do new things. They’re the hardest things to do. It doesn’t feel very good. We feel embarrassed, uncoordinated, ashamed, scared, frustrated…yet we know that new things are good for us. It feels good to do them. We have to work harder at them, so the reward when we do them like we want is greater.

When we’re good at something, we hardly need to think about it, and if we’re great, we don’t think at all. We put ourselves in such a flow that time stops. It’s the easiest thing in the world. We feel so good. We feel so free.

But freedom is relative. We can only be free if we were once shackled. We can only do something so many times before we get bored.

We love trouble. We love frustration. We need to fail. Simply so that we can overcome. What a blessing this is. Failure is what moves us. Movement is life. If we stop, we die. That’s what happens when we do something so well we don’t have to think. We die.

We need to die. And we need to live. Struggle is life. Bliss is death. Breathing in is life. Breathing out is death.

We all need time off. We love our ways. We love our habits. We love comfort. It’s hard to break away. Yet we know we need to, and we do it willingly. Don’t think that your struggle out of your control. You are completely in control. You put yourself there so that you can take yourself out.

When we break patterns, we may feel remorse. We may feel we are missing out. We may worry that we are a waste for not repeating them.

Embrace your change. It will come when you need it to. It will be your opportunity to grow. It will feel uncomfortable and out of place. But you will know it’s for the best.

Don’t try to fight what you can’t. When you are thrown into something new, embrace it. Otherwise you will miss out on the lesson. You will miss out on the growth. Forget your patterns for now. You can come back to them later.

Take the time off you have to be present. Feel freedom in what is new. Let time pass slowly. Let your mind observe intently.

Take time off. Make every second count.

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