Everything Stays the Same

Only you change. Only your attitude changes. Things you think about never do. People you think about never do. Only your thoughts about them do. That’s why you are so powerful.

You have the power to see anything as anything. It’s what you always do. You always have some interpretation about something. What you think about it is never what it actually is. It is only what you say it is.

You know this because you have experienced that in an instant you can see your friend as enemy or foe. You can love them one second and hate them the next. Did they change? No. Your mind about them changed.

The same truth can be applied to every aspect of your life. Because your thinking is your life. Your life is what you think. Do not deny it. Do not believe you are small because of it. It in fact makes you the creator and the created. What you think is reality. The way you see the world is reality. There is nothing outside of your thinking. You have no private thoughts. You are what you think and you have the power to think what you want.

You don’t have to agree or disagree with anything. What you have now is the ability to feel beyond thought. You can see thought now as a tool. As a means for rationalizing and deciding. Your heart will tell you where to go.

You can choose to either see fear or love. You make the choice in each moment. The subject does not matter. You can either be with people or alone. You must decide love because it is the only option that is real. You know that when you are fearful, love is the answer. That means that fear is unreal, because you would choose love, and in love there is zero fear.

This world is been changing and mutating forever. The content keeps changing, therefore it is unreal. It is not fixed. And what is not fixed cannot be something that we can decide. It cannot be a reality. The only reality is something that is unchanging. That can be felt forever. The answer is love. Love is forever and unchanging. As long as we embody love, the people and content of our lives does not matter. All content is put into place for us. The right people, places, and things come easily.

Change nothing but the way you see the world. It is easy. It is love. It is what you want. Love change. Love tolerance. Love your self.

2 thoughts on “Everything Stays the Same

  1. Beautiful and true words RC. And so good to see you here. Sending love to fire your creations. And always always blessings upon your path.


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