Trim the Fat

Focus on what you’re good at. Do what you love.

There are so many paths in life. So many choices. So many things to do. Places to see. People to meet. Experiences you could be having.

They all mean nothing but what you love. FOMO in life is not real. It’s a fallacy created by the anxious and uncertain. There is only one path for you. Only single decisions that you can ever make in every situation. And that decision is the one you made. You need not worry about what could have been or that maybe you should have. Because those options not only don’t matter, they are completely irrelevant and wrong.

Yes, not only are they hurtful to consider, they are wrong at their core. They are an error to think about. And what a joy that is, because you can feel safe that the choice you made is the right one. You must see it as so. It’s your only option. What is the alternative? Misery. And life is either love or misery. There is no in between.

It is hard to think this way. It is hard to believe that you do what is right. That you are god’s child. That you are the mother father who knows all things. But it will become less and less hard. It will become easier the more you practice. This means you are practicing meditation. This means you are quieting your mind. You are practicing no mind. You are realizing that the first thoughts that pop up are your conditioning, and you can look beyond them and choose love instead. When you choose love you are then allowed to forget the guilt you feel for the thoughts that came up. This is the Men Ab meditation. This is the key to miracles.

The more you choose love, the more you will learn to trust yourself. Trusting yourself is trusting your gut. It is that simple. You must do what feels right and nothing more. It will be hard at first because you may be thinking a lot about what other people do. You don’t want to disappoint or hurt them. But you only feel this because you do not believe that you are the son of god. You do not believe that you are worth anything. You would put yourself at the mercy of illusions before you would give yourself the credit of the doubt.

Make no mistake that this life is for you to feel good in. Make no mistake that this life is for you to decide. And your decisions are no big burden. They are done for you. Your decisions lie simply in how you feel. You do what feels best to it’s core. Not at the surface level. But what you truly know is right for you. Always and in every moment you have the choice. And it is always right if you would make it so.

Do you what you love and forget the rest. This life is infinite abundance. It is infinite so that you may choose your own way. Choosing your own way is easy. You have your feeling. Follow it. That is god speaking to you. That is you serving yourself your best interest. You need only to accept. You need only to decide. But you already have. Heaven is here.

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