You Must Be Perfect

Because here you are. If you could ever be perfect, you are right now.

Either you can be imperfect or perfect, so you are perfect.

This has nothing to do with who you are or what you’ve done. It is just a simple fact that you are perfect as you are. You must be or else you would not be able to move on. You would not be able to survive.

Perfection is a state of mind. It is one that says you are a child of god and you share the qualities of is. It says that you don’t have to be afraid because you made all of this for you. Throughout time you have evolved and lived up to this very moment. All of existence has led up to you.

Accept your greatness. Be thankful for what you are. As long as the body changes. You can be perfect because everything is changing, therefore it is only a matter of time before you would become perfect. And if that is the case, you already have perfection inside of you and you can skip time to make yourself perfect right now.

Perfection and self love has only to do with the way you see yourself. You don’t have to change outer appearances to live yourself. In fact, you can’t. It can only come from a mental shift that says you love yourself.

Tell yourself you love yourself today. Just try it. You’ll find some reasons why, and you’ll feel much better because of it.

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