How do You Overcome Illusions?

You recognize them. And then do the opposite of what they are saying.

Illusions bring fear and hate and discomfort to you. Any time you are feeling these things, you are in illusion.

Can it really be this simple? Yes it is.

It’s not bad to be in an illusion. Nothing is bad. Because once you correct, it never was. When you correct, you are using your reason. You are saying to yourself that the negative way you are feeling right now is illusion, so I will think the opposite and feel love instead.

You may say, “Well what’s the difference then between a negative illusion and doing the opposite? Isn’t a happy illusion, still an illusion? Isn’t it still an unreal thing?” The answer to that is yes. But the truth lies in our choice of one or the other.

If you have a choice about how you feel (which you do) then does it make more sense to choose misery or happiness? Happiness of course. Everyone wants this no matter what. And if you are able to continually choose happiness, and at anytime you can embody those feelings, isn’t happiness all there is?

Because time is eternal, you must return to joy. You know this to be true. You know that misery is not forever, and you know that you would choose happiness over misery always.

You actually don’t have a choice in the matter and you know this to be true also. You know that underneath all emotions and thoughts are love.

And that’s why negativity is an illusion. We know that the underlying base of the universe is love and happiness. And since we are able to choose happiness, and time is eternal, we will always return to happiness, and those thoughts are therefore our real ones. Those feelings are our real feelings.

The concept of god and heaven are as simple as this. To be in heaven, recognize your negative thought illusion and do the opposite. Then you will automatically fall into love. You will remember to extend yourself rather that be tight and judgmental. Your underlying understanding of the universe is heaven. You enter it slowly. You stay longer and longer. You realize you never left.

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