Do you think a seed is alive? No it’s dead. A seed is a dead thing. It holds potential, but it does nothing.

You plants seeds. You put them in soil. They are exposed to sunlight and heat. You water them. Not all will grow. Not all seeds do something. Most of them do nothing. Most seeds of this world are eternally doomed to their deadness until Mother Nature transforms them into something else.

Look at nature. Is there any creature that gives just one seed? Is there any creature that makes one attempt and then sits idle?

What I am saying is that you have to plant many, many seeds. Planting seeds must be a part of your life. You do not plant a seed here and there when it is convenient but you must make planting seeds a part of why you exist.

Loners do not generally fare well. Yes they may survive, but they will not thrive. We are social creatures because we are smart.

The more seeds you plant, in rich soil, with sufficient sun light, and enough water, the more of them will grow. And seeds that grow are always a good thing. It will never be the case that too many sprout. Your overflowing abundance with be distributed where due.

Don’t worry so much about when they will sprout, or if they will at all. Nature shows us that chance will cause some to grow. And who knows what types of seeds you plant. Some may sprout quickly, most will not. What’s most important is that you are planting them and planting them often.

Abundance awaits those who are unafraid to plant. Fortune favors the bold and confident. Fortune favors those who tend to their garden and help it grow. We know that a garden will grow more than enough for just one. And think of how much you will have from a single plant. It takes time, but with the simple planting of seeds and use of ingredients like sun and water that are already given to you, you will never starve.

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