Life Lessons

Are you listening to the lessons being taught by those around you? Or do you think only your own thoughts?

You think you are so right when you think to yourself. And you are because the thoughts in your mind are all that there is.

However nothing is learned in your own thinking. Nothing is learned from your thoughts. They are only words repeated from other people in different situations. People and situations that have nothing to do with you.

Why then do you think so much when someone is talking to you? Are you so insecure that you cannot let someone talk? Are you so full of haste that you must impose your thoughts at every word? Must you again and again repeat your same thought patterns while never letting anything else come to light in your life?

You’re fighting a lost cause. You’re fighting yourself. You think someone else is wrong? You’re wrong. That’s the fact. There is nothing wrong with anyone else ever. It is you that is wrong. Only you are reflected in their words and in their eyes.

You know this to be true. You know what it feels like to listen to someone. You keep saying that you’re right and they are wrong but who are you? You’re no one. You are only the people and things around you. You are God. You have nothing to prove. You have no one to fix. You can fix no one. You can only fix yourself. You can never change anyone. It is impossible. We can only change ourselves.

So ease your burden. See for yourself. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Either accept someone or leave them. That is all you can do. And that will feel the best. This isn’t about being nice or mean, but in the end, trying to change someone’s opinion is only mean and only ugly. If someone asks you for help, give it. But not when it is unsolicited. Because it will be ineffectual.

It is hardest to accept those you love the most. You care about them so you want to protect them. You want to pretend like you should control them. Like you know best for them. Like they shouldn’t behave this way or that. But they are who you need to really love most. You have to radically accept them the most.

Sure, tell them what to do, tell them what you think about them, fight with them, but get over it quicker.

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