The Body

Where are you? Can you point to where you are on your body?

Are you in your head? In your brain? Is that where you are?

Are you your body?

What about when your arm gets cut off? Is that arm still your body? Is it still you?

Are you your skin and bones? Or is there something else driving this vehicle?

Where will you go when you die?

Where do you go when you sleep? In either case, what happens is that you wake up.

Forever is a long time, so we forget that we can remember. By remembering, we travel to the past. By visualizing we travel to the future. Everything in between is taken care of. We have an internal guide. We use it to know what to do. You must only trust yourself. That means you go with your gut always. You’ve already asked for what you want, now you must only follow your heart to receive it.

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