Is a great word. And it’s almost correct. Except we know that there is no such thing as luck, and that nothing happens by chance.

Leaving this life up to chance would be a great disservice to yourself. It would be the greatest understatement and mistruth about what’s going on here.

We have seen enough evidence, heard enough truth, and felt enough love to know that this life is for us. How could it not? How could we be here left to suffer, to feel sad, to die? How could that be all there is?

The answer is that it’s not. The answer is that life is everything you wish it could be. It is the most glorious journey. It is even better than all of the stories you’ve been told, because you’re still telling yours.

Can’t you believe that you are the hero? That you’ve been the hero all along? Can you not see what you’ve created? The people that have come into your life? The places you’ve been? The children you’ve bore?

You have created this. Every single piece. And you must be proud of it. Whether it’s disgusting or beautiful, be proud with what you’ve done because you did it. No one else did. It was all you. You brought your misery, you brought your misfortune. You have been here all along to see the effects of your doings.

And how freeing that is! You are able to do what you please and get exactly what you ask for. It is no matter what you say or want, because this is your world. You will get what you ask for. So why do you ask for pain? Why do you sell yourself short? Why do you not take advantage of what you have?

Forget these old stories in your head about people’s eminent misfortune in their life. Forget the critics, the pessimists, anything that says you are anything less than all powerful, all encompassing, and the ruler of this land.

It may not always feel as so, but it must be true. There is no middle ground. There is no warm when it comes to love and hate. It is a decision that you make in each moment. So you must decide which is real. There is no answer. Each is as real as you make it. But you and I both know, love is the only answer. Love is the only reality. And you’re it.

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