How to Listen

Listen, not to your mind, but to your environment.

Take in what it is telling you. Listen with your ears. Use your ears to listen to the birds, to the wind, to the sounds of voices. Try to hear what they are saying. Pay attention to them. You do this casually as you move throughout the day. Listening is not forced, yet you are doing it always.

Listening to the world is the same as listening to your friend. You give them your attention. You hear what they are saying. And just as you listen to the wind, you listen to them, without disgust and judgement, but with ease and love.

You are here to learn about this whole world that is you. Not shun and shame it. Acknowledge and love yourself. The rest in life is taken care of. Your only job is to listen. To hear what God is telling you. Follow Him. Be light for all who may come across you.

There is an entire world out there. Yet there is only one mind, and that is yours. What comes into your view then is surely of the utmost importance. When you appreciate and listen to your environment, you will find that God is talking to you from everywhere. From the sounds of the birds, to the shimmering light of the sun, to the feeling inside that tells you to move. God is always talking, You are always listening.

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