Be Music

How do you play music? How do you choose the right note? How do you know what sounds good together?

How do you play life? How do you know which practice to take up? How do you decide what you like to do?

So much of life has already been taken care of. In fact, it has all been. It has been be done for you. All you are to do is act freely. You must do everything in your power to live in love. That is all.

You are an instrument. You tune into the universe. The grand orchestra is always playing. The songs are always changing. You are conducting, and playing your own part. You are the producer and the enjoyer of sound simultaneously.

What is it that gives you pleasure from music? The draw on the harp. The sound through the air. Our actions produce rhythm. Through an instrument we make music. Through our bodies we make walking and climbing. We are living art. We walk the like of model and artist. We are the same. Each moment is different.

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