With every inhale you live. With every exhale you die.

So life is not so complicated and lost then. We live and die many many times every day. Some deaths are small, some life’s are big. But in the end they are all the same.

Where can death be if we die in each breath? When did life begin if our mothers were already breathing before we took our first? How hard is it to believe that time is eternal? That our bodies are beautiful no matter what age?

How exciting it is to experience change. How wondrous it is that we live each day and feel something different. How happy we are that we have opportunity to be here. Not here alive, but simply here. It is all we can be thankful for.

And how nice life is that all we must be thankful for is to be living. We have nothing else that is ours. All we have is presence. All we have is existence. All we have to remember and look forward to is being here.

We are able to go to dark places. Living at times may not feel like heaven at all. Why this is so, no one can say. But what we can say is that it can be cured. Better than that, it can be eradicated, and made sure to never be present again. All you must know is that it is possible. You must know that you are with us. You must feel that we feel you. That yes you are alone, but you are alone with the whole world behind you. It is because you have responsibility. And responsibility is good for you. It gives you purpose. It gives you meaning and values. This is what you need to feel heaven. You must serve. You must be an instrument. Find any way you can to be an instrument for yourself through the power of God.

Become more and more free. Follow the signs. Read the numbers. Listen to your friends. Do all of those things that you know you must but are afraid to do. All of those horribly scary things, like saying hello to someone you pass on the sidewalk. Or telling your best friend you love them.

You don’t have to wait to die. You don’t have to be afraid of it either. Fear of death was constructed by an evil that no longer exists. Death is old news. There is only life.

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