The Radio is Talking

Everything is talking all the time. It’s all relevant to you, but you can only focus on so much. And that is fine because there is much to focus on. When you do you are tuning with that thing or that frequency.

Sometimes the connection is so clear that miracles appear again and again right before your eyes and ears.

You are really always in tune with your source. Even when you think you aren’t, you are. You’ve just forgotten what love is. You thought love was only half there, but really love is everywhere always.

There are peaks and there are valleys. That is the way of things. It could be no other way. Believe in love, and then remember that the dark was never really there. You were able to banish it with light, so you understand that dark was never really here at all. When time does not exist, you must know this to be true. In the end and in the beginning there is only light.

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