Change has come. Change is here. This point is a turning point. This time is going to be seen as one in which things changed a lot.

There will be people who enacted change all over the world. There will be people making changes big and small. There will be stories over and over again telling us about who we are and what we did.

These memories and ideas we receive, how can they be ours? Where can they be coming from? Why did they start so closed and dark? Why was life so much harder before only to be so free now?

If there is the ultimate peace then why does there have to be an ultimate fear?

I can only see that there must be one with the other, but ultimately, we decide what is best for us, so there is really only one answer. Yes love needs hate, but love is the answer.

Yes we can see both sides, but we know what side is right. We know which side is the most loving. And we must choose that side. There is evil in this world, and it is not right. It must be eradicated. We hold the power to do that by deciding what is right and then flooding all darkness with light.

Decide light, again and again, then that will be all there is.

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