The Light in Which You See

Everything in which you see, that you hear, taste, and smell, and feel, is real. And it is the only thing that is real.

This means the scenarios about people and things that you make up in your mind are not real. This does not mean that they are not useful, or bad. It just means that you have to realize that what you are thinking about isn’t actually happening.

What can happen is that we get lost in our thoughts and forget that we are only making up stories about something. We let those stories take over our emotions and then we feel like how we would if what we were thinking actually happened. The thing is, what we are thinking is never happening.

This is a blessing and a curse. The good news is, we get to choose our thoughts. And it is really as simple as that. You can choose thoughts that serve you, or ones that do not. This ability is hard to believe for some reason. We have forgotten who we are so to speak. So our goal must be to always choose thoughts that serve us. It must be to recognize our thinking for what it is, just words. Words with meaning attached to them that create emotions inside of us.

Each word tells a story and invokes an emotion. That’s why words are so important. That’s why the words we tell ourselves are so important. We need to tell ourselves words of empowerment and ones that will continue to lead us to our highest selves.

Enlightenment is not difficult. It is only practice. Practice is not difficult either. It is simply a matter of believing what you are telling yourself. That is the hardest part, but even that is not so hard. I am telling you now that the same way in which you came to believe what you do about yourself is the same way that we will have you believe yourself as divine, repetition and practice.

You have to do things that make you feel love, and then say things that also make you feel love. It is a mix of doing and saying. It is also a matter of seeing. You can see in this world and you can see in your mind. Rather than see negative things about how you will perform in the world, you must see positive things about how you will act.

It is a mix of doing things that make you feel love, saying things that make you feel love, and seeing things that make you feel love. And then you will experience love more and more often.

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