Those Who Are Serious

It’s very easy to do nothing.

It’s tremendously difficult to something.

It’s even harder to do something consistently.

It’s so hard because consistency is not what our life is like. Our moods change all the time. It’s easy to do something hard when we are feeling good. It’s much more difficult when we are not.

Being a leader is like this. You can’t take time off from being one. You’re not allowed to make mistakes of character. Nor should you.

A great leader is someone who can uplift and inspire regardless of themselves. They have the ability to say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done, whether they feel down or up.

It does not mean that the leader needs to act happy all of the time. In fact, they should not act at all.

A leader must feel exactly what they are feeling. This is the only way they can continue to be positively effective. By accepting where they are and how they’re feeling, they give themselves the ability to act without the influence of that emotion. They can instead be careful in what they say and how they say it so that meaning is not lost to unreality.

Yes, they can say they are feeling blue, or tired, or frustrated, but that is no excuse for malignant behavior. It is no excuse to lash out at your team, to allow rage and fury to overcome you at their expense.

What are they to do when their leader cannot stay sane? How are they to cope when they are already so fragile, and their fearless leader shows the lowest of weakness?

This burden of the leader is hard, but so so powerful. It is amazingly freeing because it puts you in full creative control. You have a responsibility to yourself and others to be the leader you need to be. You don’t do it for them. You do it because you know it is the way to achieving your truest self.

You are the leader of yourself. You will settle for nothing less than the divine. And the divine is constant. It is always here with you, so you have no room for error, nor do you need it.

Be true to your true self. Not the one that whines and complains, but the one with infinite power. Not the one who is easily angered and easily tempted, but the one who has everything here right now. Not the one you wish you weren’t, but the one you know you are.

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