Where I Go, God Goes

Wherever you are, God is. And all is well. Amen.

Remember that wherever you go, God goes with you. And God cannot be behind or in front of you. He is right here with you right now. You are here with you right now. You are here, so God is here. There is no difference. There is no separation.

You must accept fully who you are. It is no burden. Really it is the easiest thing you can ever do. See that you are the creator, yet the world creates everything for you. Know that you have lived forever yet can really only be here and now. You have forgotten the past. It is just as real as your future. Is it not? The only way to create the future is to look to the past. To look to our memories. To look to our videos, and writings, and carvings, and music to determine what we are to do in the present. There is nothing new about this life. Except of course for everything. But it is only different on the most superficial level. The level of body and flesh and bone. The one plane that will be forever changing .

Forever is a scary amount of time. How can it be that we can keep going? That we live for some 100 odd ears and die and forget, and reincarnate, and die and forget again forever? It seems absurd. But does it? Because what is the alternative to things ending forever? Things not ending forever. And aren’t both those things forever anyway? So really, there really is only forever. It’s just going to get a little getting used to.

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