It will consume you. Every bit of your mind and souls will be occupied with it.

You can’t escape it. And even if you could, you don’t want to. That’s what hatred does. It locks you in while you hold the key. It makes you forget who you are and who you want to be. It will make you discount your friends, your self, and everything good you could ever want or ask for.

It tricks you into believing it is real. It makes you believe that you are what your hatred is. Ugly, mean, hurtful. And you are exactly that in the moment. And you live it while you are there. Hatred makes you love it, and gives you no other choice but to embrace it.

Except for when you can prevent it. Prevention of hate is the only option. When you are not hateful is the time for you to cultivate love. You must meditate on what makes you angry, feel where it is in your body that the hate is making you feel, remember that you a child of god, and then let go of your hate with no consequence. Do not feel guilty for your hatred feeling. That would be only more hate on top of hate. Instead, see your self doing the opposite of hate. Be loving In your corrective visions. By doing this, you are programming yourself to let go of hate on the moment and not think of it in the first place.

You are not hateful, and you are not loving. But you have the choice to cultivate one feeling or the other. No one cares what you choose but yourself. So think deeply on what kind of person you want to be. One that is plagued by hate, or one uplifted by love. The choice is really that simple and there are endless resources to help you do both. Simply decide.

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