Some Things Stay the Same

These words aren’t. But what they represent is.

Because words are unmanifested.

In themselves, they mean nothing. Only we give meaning to them.

We have the ability to give words whatever meaning they want. Or no meaning at all.

This is important because now we recognize that we have the power to feel what we want. We realize that joy does not come from what happens to us, but it is a decision to choose holiness over fear.

Every word is a story. And we all have emotions attached to words and stories that we think are true. But stories are not real. Stories change. Not only can they, but they will, and are. And you are the one changing them.

Right now your story is of guilt. But you can choose holiness instead. The words of your stories will not change, but you will simply recognize that the fear and guilt you feel from them do not have to be there. You can let go of the story. You must choose to see your brother instead as holy. You must forgive them. You must forgive yourself. Then you will be in heaven.

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