You’re Not an Artist if

You don’t post every day.

I’m serious. Every day. If you didn’t put it on the internet, does it exist? No.

In your mind? Maybe. But you will forget. And so will the world.

Nothing lasts forever. Except maybe the internet. Paper does not. Stones do not. Your ideas will not.

You must put them down. You must make them more physical. In your mind is not enough. Your hearts song will not travel farther than the ear can hear. Your words will only last as long as electricity does. As long as the internet does. As long as you keep things in your mind, they will affect no one but yourself.

And that can be fine. If your ideas are mediocre. If your words don’t mean very much.

But I assure you that they do. I assure you that the only thing stopping you from your ideas lasting for ever is the simple fact that you are not an artist.

And even if you aren’t. You are. So suck it up. Post your ideas. Post your writing. Nobody cares but you. And even when they do care. They’ll praise you. And even if they don’t, fuck em. They are only in your mind. And that means you need to change your attitude about yourself.

Your ideas are great, because they are not yours. They’re ours. So stop being selfish and let us know what’s going on in your head. We need to hear what you know. It will make us feel better. It will heal the world. It’s up to you.

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