The word means the production of something. In societal terms it is all of the people born around the same time. The people of a time generate the next group of people. New generations are variations of the old. They are different, but only slightly. 200,000 years ago we were basically the same. The only […]

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Time Off

It’s important to take time off. It’s so fun to do the same thing over and over again. It might be what we love to do the most. We love climbing a tree route again and again. We love doing a skateboard trick again and again. We love playing some song over and over. It […]

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Everything Stays the Same

Only you change. Only your attitude changes. Things you think about never do. People you think about never do. Only your thoughts about them do. That’s why you are so powerful. You have the power to see anything as anything. It’s what you always do. You always have some interpretation about something. What you think […]

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Trim the Fat

Focus on what you’re good at. Do what you love. There are so many paths in life. So many choices. So many things to do. Places to see. People to meet. Experiences you could be having. They all mean nothing but what you love. FOMO in life is not real. It’s a fallacy created by […]

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You Must Be Perfect

Because here you are. If you could ever be perfect, you are right now. Either you can be imperfect or perfect, so you are perfect. This has nothing to do with who you are or what you’ve done. It is just a simple fact that you are perfect as you are. You must be or […]

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How do You Overcome Illusions?

You recognize them. And then do the opposite of what they are saying. Illusions bring fear and hate and discomfort to you. Any time you are feeling these things, you are in illusion. Can it really be this simple? Yes it is. It’s not bad to be in an illusion. Nothing is bad. Because once […]

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Do you think a seed is alive? No it’s dead. A seed is a dead thing. It holds potential, but it does nothing. You plants seeds. You put them in soil. They are exposed to sunlight and heat. You water them. Not all will grow. Not all seeds do something. Most of them do nothing. […]

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Life Lessons

Are you listening to the lessons being taught by those around you? Or do you think only your own thoughts? You think you are so right when you think to yourself. And you are because the thoughts in your mind are all that there is. However nothing is learned in your own thinking. Nothing is […]

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The Body

Where are you? Can you point to where you are on your body? Are you in your head? In your brain? Is that where you are? Are you your body? What about when your arm gets cut off? Is that arm still your body? Is it still you? Are you your skin and bones? Or […]

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Is a great word. And it’s almost correct. Except we know that there is no such thing as luck, and that nothing happens by chance. Leaving this life up to chance would be a great disservice to yourself. It would be the greatest understatement and mistruth about what’s going on here. We have seen enough […]

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