You Don’t Need Anything

Neither a car nor a pen nor a sword. You are Being and that is enough.

But only if you believe you are.

At all times and at any moment, you are free to believe that you are enough. It may come after you complete a project of great worth, and you feel a sense of accomplishment, or when you know you are loved, and you love back. Or when you do things to help others.

That feeling is Being. That is what it means to be enough, and to be in heaven.

To remain in heaven, consciously choose to do more of the things that give you those feelings. Continue to feel worthy and joyous by practicing the art of your desire. This is the only way.

To live is to act. We are always acting, deciding, thinking. Some actions and some thoughts take us closer to heaven, others to hell. Choose to live in heaven. And forget Hell. It’s not real. It’s only your mind, and you can work to change your mind. Not overnight. But after many nights and days of accumulated love through your positive action.

Living in heaven is to cultivate your sense of deep joy. To do that you must cultivate a sense of self worth. To do that, you must partake in activities that give you meaning and joy.

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