Something For Your Mind

You may not believe it at times, but your mind is yours. It is not here to trap you. It is here for you to use. And lose.

All of those thoughts that come give you the opportunity to look at them and decide what they are to become. All thoughts that you focus on you give power to.

Thoughts that cause you to feel closed/angry/resentful, you must see and let go of. You are allowed to let go of them because you are the sole chooser of your accepted thinking.

Thoughts that cause you to feel open/extended/loving towards others, you also must see but then embrace rather than let go.

You may be confused or skeptical as to how our ability to choose our thoughts is so simple. But it is.

Naturally, thoughts and ideas of extension/love/truth are the ones we want because they cause us to feel extended towards others and makes our lives happier and richer always.

Thoughts of pain/anxiety/fear make use feel closed and small and attacking, which are feelings and behaviors that do not grant us much success in life.

It is obvious then that positive thoughts and actions are what bring us closer to where we want to go.

What many people don’t realize however is that they are able and allowed to choose the thoughts that serve them best. But rather than do this they instead simply react to each and every one of them. Instead of being the engine of their own happiness, they wait until something “good” happens for them to feel successful.

Your mind is not so much a mystery. It is a much smaller part of you than you think. Yet it is our greatest tool for navigating this world and it can become a great source of joy rather than misery in any moment.

Realize that you can choose your thoughts. Realize that the first thought that pops up about someone is your conditioning. It is an automatic response. Not real. Not who you are. Not anything. Just a thought.

From there, you have the power to immediately reject or accept that thought. The hard part is being disciplined enough to let go of attacking thoughts. Your mind is very clever and would have you be it’s slave forever, for it thinks it is justified.

You know however that justification lies with you alone in reality. Thoughts are nothing, the power you give to them is everything.

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