You Are Heaven

You are heaven and heaven’s keeper.

Yet you hold a key because you believe that you can deny yourself it. You believe that you are a sinner and not worthy of yourself which is God in heaven. You believe you aren’t there yet. You believe you shouldn’t be there yet.

And it is only this belief that you are not perfect, that is keeping you from who you are. It is the attachment to sin rather than correction that causes your guilt and weariness. In sin you are guilty. You are not holy. You or they are bad, and wrong. In correction you are love, you made a mistake and can now correct it. You chose loving correction, not guiltful sin. You recognized the error as it happened in your mind, and willfully corrected it, not felt bad about it. But good, that you are again in love.

To correct, recognize when you are in error. Feel where your error’s tension is built up inside your body. Bring yourself there. Meditate your mind, and release the energy. That’s what anger is, energy. Energy that you control with your will.

Our will must be to bring heaven wherever we go. For we are heaven, and we carry it always. Heaven is not a place but it is God. And you are God. And you can be in heaven whenever you want.

You may not recognize what heaven is because what it is is so simple. So simple in fact that it is everything. That’s why we can’t see it. We can’t believe that we could be in heaven. We don’t believe that we could be worthy of such a thing. But that’s not true. God is love and everyone is worthy of having the best life. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Act in love and the pieces will fall together.

To recognize heaven, your beliefs about how you can find it must change. And it is easy I assure you. Just like walking towards the sunshine through a fine mist. All it requires is the will to be it.

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