Yes, It’s Your Fault

And you’ve always known. But you can be forgiven for how you in the past. You always will be. Because you always have a choice, and love is all there is.

But eternal forgiveness is nothing in comparison to eternal glory.

You are forgiven. But glory does not come so easily. It takes discipline in accordance to divine law. Law that you already know and know to be true, yet deny time and time again.

You deny glory because you feel you are not deserving. That life is suffering. That yes, you are here, but just to live not to thrive.

This thinking has only become normal, and it can be undone.

You can undo it. Only you. It’s your responsibility.

Your whole life you’ve known in one way or another that this is all your fault. Your job, your friends, your body, all of these things are a direct result of your action.

And here’s the kicker: Not only are you a direct result of your actions, but your family and friends are too.

Think about that. People act differently around different people. People act a certain way around you. They feed or die off your energy. They become in many ways who you are. The good and the bad.

No matter who you are or what position you think you’re in. You have an extremely large and important responsibility to those around you. It’s no longer about doing things for you so that you can feel better about yourself. It’s about doing the things that you NEED to do to take care of the family and your world.

You have this power. You have this responsibility. You can deny it if you like. You can continue your lie in thinking that you aren’t responsible for others. That you can do whatever you want and if they do it too, that’s their life and their problem.

You can do that. But you can also say that now is the time when you’re ready to accept your life and give it everything you’ve got. You’ve been doing so much. But you can do more. Aim higher. Be more disciplined. Be more consistent. Do a little more every day. You know why you need to.

Our world is up to you.

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