Imagine Your Life Tomorrow

Before going to bed each night or at noon every day or at some other preset time, visualize your successful future. Not too far into the future, a week at the most, but mostly for things that will be happening tomorrow or in a few hours.

Visualize what you will be doing. See you doing it well and with love. See yourself acting in the positive way you want. See yourself reacting to situations accordingly. What you are doing in the visualizations is not so important as the way you feel about them.

As a young kid I learned that when I thought about my future positively and imagined my self there before I was there in the physical world, things went how I foresaw. When I was excited about tomorrow, tomorrow was as good as I had hoped. During periods when I wasn’t visualizing every day, I didn’t notice that things were worse, just that I didn’t have influence over my life like when I was visualizing.

This whole idea of being able to influence my life with my thinking was kinda scary to me back then. I saw that it worked and knew deep down that it was as good as I thought, but couldn’t help but wonder if life could really work this way. Do I really have a power so simple, so easy to produce?

I know now that my mind is much more powerful than I ever could have imagined. Yet the basic principle of how to use imagination and visualization remain the same. All you must do is use your creative imaginative faculty regularly. Do it, and do it with a positive intention of yourself and your life. What you see, you will attract. It’s that simple. Not always easy, but simple. And with practice, becomes easier and easier.

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